Invasive Plant Control

Riverworks are able to offer control of Japanese Knotweed, Himalyan Balsam, Giant Hogweed and Skunk Cabbage (primarily along streams and rivers although also in other locations).

Our operators are fully qualified and experienced and can arrange for various licences and permissions to be secured.

Why control these species?

Invasive Plant Species grow and spread extremely quickly and can very quickly take over a site by out-competing all other plants.  When the plants die back in the winter, the sites are at far greater risk of erosion.

A piece of plant material the size of a finger nail can transfer the problem elsewhere!

The presence of species such as Japanese Knotweed can severely affect the value of a site, and recent legislation places significant responsibilities on owners.

Early treatment is far more cost-effective than trying to resolve an established problem.


Our services

  • Stem injection of Japanese Knotweed
  • Specialist spraying
  • Obtaining licences for works near waterways and important nature sites from the Environment Agency and Natural England
  • Works timed to be most effective
  • Fully licenced and experienced operators