Natural Flood Management

Natural Flood Management is an emerging technique that aims to ‘slow the flow’ in small and medium catchments.

Fish Passes

Fish passes are usually installed to help salmon, sea trout, brown trout and eels get past weirs.

Invasive Plant Control

Riverworks are able to offer support to design and build river erosion works using local timber and willow.

We design, project manage & build

Riverworks is a small company based in Northumberland but operating across the UK.  We offer a full range of river works solutions; from looking at options through to delivery.

Flooding over the winter of 2015/16 highlights the need for fresh thinking on flooding and how Natural Flood Managerment should be a part of the solution.  

Tighter budgets are now pointing towards design AND build approaches as a more cost effective approach than scoping study, feasibility, detailed design and then construction.  We also offer cost effective maintenance.

Please get in touch if you think that Riverworks can help you deliver great work cost effectively.

Types of work

  • Natural Flood Management schemes - from walkover and concept design to full design and build
  • Fish Passes  - broad studies, design, project management, construction
  • Invasive Plant Control - Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Himalayan Balsam, Skunk Cabbage
  • Other river engineering works - sustainable erosion works, gauging stations, sluice gates, flood defences, health and safety improvements

Slowing the flow and working with natural processes

Based on 26 years of experience in the field, Riverworks very much works WITH natural processes rather than trying to control or alter them.

Riverworks is able to design, secure permissions, project manage and deliver cost effective solutions in the fields of Natural Flood Management, Fish and Eel Passage and Invasive Plant Control.

Although based in the North East of England, we are able to deliver works throughout the UK. 


Recent projects include: 

- Rock Ramp fish pass at Peebles

- Buckden stream realignment

- Debris screens at Elingham

- Smolt trap at Galashiels


Have a look at the other sections of this website to find out more about these projects and other work currently being undertaken. 


Delivering river works

We are able to progress works ranging from simple fish pass easements costing a few hundred pounds up to significant technical fish passes and extensive Natural Flood Management schemes.

We are a small organisation that draws in support and local contractors depending on the nature of the work commissioned.

For Invasive Plant Control we are also able to work with volunteers under our supervision to build local capacity.